3 Reason You Need Specialized Window Cleaning

3 Reason You Need Specialized Window Cleaning


Your windows are one of the most outstanding features of your property. Due to the fragile components of your windows, like wooden frames and
specialized glass panels, you’ll need a specialized window cleaning solution to keep them untarnished, without causing damage.

Hiring professionals from APS Window & Gutter Cleaning guarantees that your windows stay pristine throughout the seasons. Our team members are
certified to not only clean and climb high ladders, but also apply pressure  washing solutions and/or other cleaning systems. Below are three important reasons to make sure you’re up to date on your window cleaning schedule beyond the simple terms of aesthetics.

Mold is one of the most harmful environmental contaminants. When inhaled, these pathogens may cause severe breathing problems, allergic
reactions, all while multiplying quickly under certain conditions. Mold thrives in high moisture areas such as windowpanes and panels, where rainwater
collects. APS’ advanced cleaning and pressure washing techniques will eliminate mold build-ups to keep your windows clean and prevent future mold growth.

Exterior windowpanes attract grit, rainwater, leaves, and other debris that etch and can alter your glass structures. The glass surfaces of your
windows require careful attention and maintenance. Going without regular window cleaning can lead to bigger issues later.
Our professional window cleaning experts can help remove the smallest impurities before they infiltrate your windows. As a result, you can expect
longer lasting windows with fewer repairs and replacements over the years. Plus, shiny, clear windows!

The team at APS pros has over a decade of specialized cleaning experience. We provide a deep clean for streak-free results. Our specialists
have an eye for detail, identifying the earliest signs of window damage to help homeowners make informed decisions to prevent further damage. We
care about our clients and know prevention is key to avoiding future headaches.

Contact APS today and enjoy sparkling, clean windows all year round!